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Year 3



Welcome to Class 3 - Summer Term



Welcome back to our final term of Class 3! Our new topic for the summer is 'Water'. Within this topic, we are going to be very busy and working hard on our Writing and Maths targets, making sure we give our best in every thing we do and of course having lots of fun!





In English, we will be looking at:

  • Mystery Stories.

  • Non- chronological reports; information texts. 

  • To use a wide variety of punctuation in all pieces of writing accurately. If we forget the first time, check our work over with a purple polishing pen because editing our work is very important.

  • Spell homophones correctly.

  • Using apostrophes to show contraction, possession and plural possession.

  • Grammar, spelling and handwriting practice.




In Maths, we will be looking at:

  • Times Tables
  • Multiplying and dividing.
  • Solving multi-step word problems.


In Science, we will be learning about 'Forces and Magnets', which includes:

  • Identifying that a force is a push or pull.
  • Exploring friction
  • Investigating which materials are magnetic.
  • Investigating how magnets attract and repel.






Our new Topic for the Autumn term will be the incredible ‘Water’. During this topic, we will investigate the water cycle, how we can conserve water, causes of water pollution, flooding and explore our seas and oceans.


In Music, we will be having weekly lessons with the very talented Mrs West and throughout the year we will have the fantastic opportunity to play the samba drums, tin whistles and ukuleles (summer) . During our PE lessons, we will have a variety of sport more with our fantastic Superstar PE specialist, Mr Penny.


For more information, please see Topic Web below.


Ihoho - Our Adopted Gorilla 

 You decided that as a class you would like to adopt a mountain gorilla - and each and every one of you pledged to give up one of your prizes that you will earn from collecting 'dojos'. I am so very proud of you all!  Every week one of you will have the opportunity to take our Ihoho soft toy home. We will continue to receive newsletters about Ihoho. 


Other information


  •  Homework will be given out every Thursday and should be returned to school every Monday.  Homework may be a consolidation of tricky topics covered in class throughout the week, a research task to prepare for new concepts or a personalised activity to help your child in achieving their targets. Please encourage your child to attempt their homework and please feel free to add a note if your child found the task difficult (and required your support) or if you noticed they were particularly confident with the topic. 
  • In addition to the weekly homework task, Class 3 pupils must also work on their multiplication facts (times tables) and spellings at home. A short list of spellings will also be sent home to learn - and your child should apply the correct spelling of these words during independent writing. Common (high frequency) words should be spelt correctly during class tasks and also during writing assessments (which enable us to assess which writing features your child can use independently).
  • Please could PE kits be in school Monday morning and be taken home at the end of school on Friday and should be returned after each weekend.
  • In addition to earning Silver and Gold certificates, we will be trying extra hard to earn Dojo points on 'Class Dojo'. 
  • Reading is very important. If you read every night and have a signature off an adult who has listened to you  - you will earn a reading stamp. If you earn 5 reading stamps in a week, you will earn Golden Time
  • Blue homework diaries should be brought in to school every day and placed in your trays. When your child reads aloud at home, please add a brief note (in the small blue book) detailing the date and the page they have reached.
  • Extra Dojos will be awarded for times tables, spellings and handwriting practice.
  • Also, in Class 3 we have the 'Special Rainbow Corner' where we can sit and think of all the things that make us smile or take a few minutes to relax - this will be our special treat.


My door is always open so please feel free to make an appointment and chat about your child's learning.
Thank you to all parents for your continued support. 

Mrs Jones