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Class R

Welcome to Reception Class!

During the first half of the spring term we will be learning through the exciting topic;

‘People Who Help Us’.

As always our topics are very much child led. We will be spending the first week discussing the different jobs that people do and setting out our aspirations for the future. Each week we will then choose an occupation that we want to explore.

For a more detailed look at the seven areas of learning, please see the attached topic web.


Read, Write Inc

RWInc will continue to take place three times a week and children will work in ability groups. Extended writing and reading sessions will take place on the other two days.



We will continue to explore mathematical ideas and concepts through a wide range of activities both indoors and outdoors.



In class, your child has access to lots of educational apps on our class iPads. Most are free although some do have to be paid for. Here are some of the most popular ones;

Twinkl Phonics, eggy phonics, Collins ‘Big Cat’ stories, Twinkl Count to 20, Addition and Subtraction for kids, Tiggly chef, space numbers, How to write numbers, Get Growing.

Topic web - 'People who help us'