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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 - Summer Term 2018


Welcome back Year 5!

Our topic for the Summer Term will be ‘Parliament and Democracy’. Below is a little bit about the things that we are going to learn.



In Literacy and Language, we will be studying different myths, focusing on Pandora’s Box and write our own myth. We will also look at how to write instructions before half term.


After half term, we will learn about poetry as well as persuasive texts. We will also be doing lots of topic based writing, including writing journalistic reports and writing a playscript.


In addition, we will be focusing on reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar.



In Maths, we will complete work on square numbers and cube numbers. We will revise our written methods for the four operations and we will practise using these methods to solve written problems. After this, we will focus on learning about fractions, recognising equivalent fractions and converting mixed numbers and improper fractions. We will also learn to multiply fractions and mixed numbers. We will also focus on decimal numbers and their relationship with fractions and percentages.


We will learn about the difference between area and perimeter and study line graphs and timetables. We will find out about different types of angles and learn about 2D and 3D shapes.


We will also keep working on Times Tables Rock Stars in class and at home.



In Science, we will learn about Earth and space. We will describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. We will describe the movement of the Moon in relation to Earth. We will know that the Sun. Earth and Moon are approximately spherical bodies. We will use the idea of the Earth's rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky.


Next we will about living things and their habitats. We will describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird. After that, we will describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals. Finally we will describe the changes that happen to humans throughout their life cycle, through to old age.


Before we finish for the Summer holidays, we will compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity (electrical and thermal), and response to magnets. We will find out that some materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution, and describe how to recover a substance from a solution. We will use our knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated, including through filtering, sieving and evaporating. We will demonstrate that dissolving, mixing and changes of state are reversible changes. Finally we will learn that some changes result in the formation of new materials, and that this kind of change is not usually reversible, including changes associated with burning and the action of acid on bicarbonate of soda.



Parliament and Democracy

Our topic for the Summer Term will be ‘Parliament and Democracy’. During topic lessons, we will explore how the political system works in Britain. We will learn about the history of UK Parliament. We will find out about the importance of Emmeline Pankhurst and how women gained the right to vote. We will learn that Parliament is made up of the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the monarch, and the role that each plays. We will learn about how laws are made and have a go at making some of our own. We will find out about how members are elected to the House of Commons and how general elections work. We will hold our own ‘mock’ election and explore different voting systems. We will explore the importance of how the public can engage in the democratic process and have a say in how the country is run.

We will found out about different political systems and explore democracy around the world. In DT, we will create models for our own versions of the House of Parliament. In Art, we will explore the London cityscape and draw different landscapes.




Homework is set on a Thursday and should be returned every Monday. Homework will be linked to the work that we are covering in class. Remember that you can always upload your homework to Showbie. Your blue Homework Diaries should be in school every day. Please continue to read daily at home and record this in your blue dairy for extra dojos! Practising your times tables and spellings will earn extra dojos too!



Year 5 will have PE on a Friday with Mr Penny. We will also enjoy Football with Mr James (an FA Skills coach) on a Wednesday. There will be plenty of opportunities for sport in the Summer term so PE kits should be brought to school on a Monday and remain here until Friday each week.



To support your learning at home, you will be able to find lots of English and Maths activities on Education City. You can find your child's targets for this term in their Homework books.

Remember to look in the ‘Gallery’ to see our latest photographs.




Monday, 16th April 2018: First day of Spring Term

Tuesday, 17th April 2018: Swimming Gala

Monday, 23rd April 2018: Y5 / Y6 Apple Ambassador Trip to Apple Store, Cardiff

Monday, 21st May – Friday, 25th May 2018: Y5 / Y6 Residential to Bournemouth

Friday, 25th May 2018: Last day of the Half Term


Monday, 4th June 2018: First Day of the Half Term

Tuesday, 12th June 2018: Girls’ Kwik Cricket

Thursday, 14th June 2018: Kwik Cricket

Tuesday, 19th June 2018: Money Wise Workshops

Thursday, 21st June 2018: Summer Games Rounders Tournament

Tuesday, 26th June 2018: Sports Day

W/C Monday, 9th July 2018: Parents’ Evenings Week

Thursday, 12th July 2018: Rounders Tournament

Friday, 13th July 2018: Y5 / Y6 Leavers’ Bash

Tuesday, 17th July 2018: Leavers’ Show 1.15pm and 6.00pm

Wednesday, 18th July 2018: Leavers’ Show 6.00pm

Friday, 20th July 2018: Leavers’ Assembly / End of Summer Term



Our Class Rep for the 2017/18 academic year is Mrs Hayes! Our class rep will remind you of useful information and events such as Class assemblies, trips and parents’ evenings, if you provide them with your email address.


My door is always open and I am happy to chat with parents about our topics and any work that we are covering in class. Please don’t hesitate to come and find me if you wish to discuss anything!


Many thanks!


Mrs Hanham