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Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome back Year 4! I hope that you had a great summer break and that you are looking forward to a very busy year! Our first topic this year will be ‘Modern Britain’. Below is a little bit about the things that we are going to learn.



In English, we will be studying stories with a historical setting and exploring how to write our own newspaper reports. After half term, we will study the format of a playscript and write our own. We will also be doing lots of topic based writing, including writing to the Queen and writing in character as a Stone Age boy!

We will also be focusing on reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar.



In Maths, we will be revising place value and learning to round numbers. We will learn about negative numbers and use Roman Numerals for the first time. We will continue to develop the use of written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will practise using these methods to solve written problems. We will also have weekly times tables tests in class.



In Science, we will learn living things and their habitats. In this topic, we will explore a variety of ways to identify, sort, group and classify living things, as well as learn how animals are split into ‘vertebrates’ and ‘invertebrates’ and begin to consider the differences between living things within these classifications. We will use and create classification keys to group, identify and name living things from the local habitat and beyond. This topic also introduces us to the idea that environments are subject to man-made and natural changes, and that these changes can have a significant impact on living things. Throughout the topic, we will work scientifically by gathering, recording and presenting information in different ways.


After half-term, we will learn about animals, including humans. This topic focuses on the digestive system in humans and animals and the functions of teeth. We will learn more about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores in the context of teeth, digestion and the food chain. In addition, we will extend their understanding of food chains to more complex chains and food webs.


Modern Britain

Our first topic this term is Modern Britain. During this topic, we will look at play and pastimes, where we’ll study the changes in books, TV characters, cinema and everyday technology, the diversity of people who live in Britain and the foods which they’ve introduced and also look at how domestic life has changed since the 1950s.

For more information, please see Topic Web below.


Stone Age to Bronze Age

Our topic for after half term will be ‘The Stone Age’. During topic lessons we will explore how the Stone Age to Bronze Age period impacted on life in Britain. We will learn about how early man survived in a harsh environment, why Skara Brae was important for understanding life in the Stone Age, how copper mining was crucial to the Bronze Age and why Stonehenge was built. We will also learn about why Iron Age people developed hillforts and how important Druids were in Iron Age Britain.


The Stone Age is brought to life for us through activities that will develop our archaeological skills and vocabulary, help us to create Ice Age art, as well as make Stone Age homes. To understand the Bronze Age, we find out about tool making and while making models, we explore the religious importance of Stonehenge. We will go on to role-play life in an Iron Age village, explore and understand Hill Forts, before making and decorating Iron Age objects ready for a tribal meeting.


We will prepare for an Iron Age Tribal meeting to discuss the impending invasion of the Roman Army. We will research the resources, designs, beliefs, totems, clothing and jewellery of the Iron Age people and make tunics, belts, animal totem designs and jewellery to wear.



In Music, we will be having weekly lessons with the very talented Mrs West and throughout the year we will have the fantastic opportunity to play the clarinet.



Year 4 will have PE on a Friday with SuperStars teacher, Mr Penny. We will also have swimming on a Monday morning – don’t forget your swimming kit. PE kits should be brought to school on a Monday and remain here until Friday each week.



Homework is set on a Thursday and should be returned every Monday. Homework will be linked to the work that we are covering in class. Remember that you can always upload your homework to Showbie. Your blue Homework Diaries should be in school every day. Please continue to read daily at home and record this in your blue dairy for extra dojos!


In addition to the weekly homework task, Class 4 pupils must also work on their multiplication facts (times tables) and spellings at home. A short list of spellings will also be sent home to learn - and your child should apply the correct spelling of these words during independent writing. Common (high frequency) words should be spelt correctly during class tasks and also during writing assessments (which enable us to assess which writing features your child can use independently).



4th September: First day of Autumn Term

29th October – 2nd November: HALF TERM

21st December: Last Day of Autumn Term


To support your learning at home, you will be able to find lots of Literacy and Numeracy activities on Education City. You can find your child's targets for this term in their Homework books. You should also encourage your child to explore


Class Rep

The Class Rep for the 2018/19 academic year will be confirmed in the first PTFA meeting of the year.


Please let Mrs Hanham or the school office know if you are not receiving updates and would like them. The Class Rep will remind you of useful information and events such as Class assemblies, trips and parents’ evenings etc. if you provide them with your email address.



My door is always open and I am happy to chat with parents about our topics and any work that we are covering in class. Please don’t hesitate to come and find me if you wish to discuss anything!


Many thanks!

Mrs Hanham

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