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Class R

Welcome to Reception Class!


During the Autumn Term in Class R, we will be learning to build new relationships and feel confident to play, learn and grow!  We will be developing holistically through the question…

Who Am I?


This will involve exploring some of the following topics: starting school/new beginnings, rules and routines, All About Me, families, homes, feelings and emotions, seasonal changes – Autumn/Winter, celebrations, parties, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Harvest and CHRISTMAS!


It is important to remember that our topics are very much child led, and as a result, learning can often take an entirely new direction!


For a more detailed look at the seven areas of learning and planned activities for these topics, please see the attached topic web below.


Click on the link below to view our video

'Meet the Reception Class 2021'. 




Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Did you know that children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives than at any other time!


During their time in reception, your child will be learning through the seven areas of learning and development which are outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  They will be learning to play and explore, be an active learner and be creative while thinking critically.


The attached document outlines some of the things that your child will be learning within the 3 prime and 4 specific areas of learning.  You will also notice an additional document that identifies some of the ways in which you can help your child to continue learning at home.

A Typical Day in Reception Class...

Each day includes:

  • A time for the whole class to be together for story-telling, imaginative talk, word collecting, sentence building and writing!
  • A phonics session (a combination of whole-class speed sounds practise and small group time with an adult)
  • A mathematics session (again, in a group with an adult)
  • Opportunities to self-select from a wide range of activities both inside and outside the Reception Classroom. 
  • A time for a snack of fresh fruit and a drink of water or milk
  • A group session/time for (and this changes from day to day) music, physical activity, drama, arts and craft, cooking etc.
  • A challenge or investigation (two or three times a week); for example, “How can we make our hall fit for a ball?


Read, Write Inc

During the Autumn Term, we will be using the Read, Write Inc

scheme to learn all individual sounds along with a selection of ‘special friend’ sounds.  We will learn these sounds in small sets, focusing on the letter sound, handwriting formation and how each the sounds blend together to create words.


Additional reading and writing opportunities will take place on a daily basis (through our continuous provision and adult led activities) where children are encouraged to use the sound knowledge they are building to make marks and have a go at reading and writing.



We will be exploring mathematical ideas and concepts through a wide range of activities both indoors and outdoors! 


This terms number focus will allow children to understand the value of numbers from 1 to 5. We will identify patterns and look closely at the following concepts:

  • Matching, sorting & comparing amounts.
  • Representing number 1,2,3,4 and 5 in different ways.
  • Making number 1,2,3,4 and 5 by adding together different groups.
  • Doubling amounts using numbers 1 to 5.
  • Subitising up to 5.
  • Finding one more than and one less than a given amount.


  • Comparing size, mass and capacity.
  • Exploring repeated patterns using shapes and colour.  
  • Using and identifying circles and triangles.
  • Using and understanding positional language.
  • Exploring shapes with 4 sides.
  • Exploring times of the day (day and night).



In class, your child has access to lots of educational apps on our class iPads. Most are free although some do have to be paid for. Here are some of the most popular ones...

Twinkl Phonics, Eggy phonics, Collins ‘Big Cat’ stories, Twinkl Count to 20, Addition and Subtraction for kids, Tiggly chef/ Tiggly Series, Space numbers, How to write numbers, Get Growing, Meet the Alphablocks, Shape’s got Talent, Chef Addition, Story Maker, Safari.


Helping at Home

Help your Child to be Marvellous at Maths!

Did you know that children with good numeracy skills are more likely to learn more, stay in education longer and have more chance of actually being in work when they grow up?


Children are born with an innate mathematical ability and research has shown that parents have a massive effect on how this develops.


Do maths together every day...

This may not sound very attractive, but guess what?  You already are!  Maths is everywhere - helping your child get dressed, baking together, going to the shops, singing counting songs, building with blocks - practically every activity we do with our child involves Maths!  For further information, please follow the link...'s%20getting%20confident,feel%20they've%20grasped%20it.


Read, Read, Read

Read to your child as often as you can!  Read anything and everything, not just the reading scheme books.  Real books, with pictures, rhyme and enjoyable stories are crucial here.  Try to encourage your child to talk about the pictures, or to make predictions about what will happen next.  It’s most important for your child to enjoy reading above all, so try to relax, and stop when either of you begins to feel pressured or anxious.


Encourage your child to recognise and read print when you are out shopping, on the bus or at the park.  Most children can recognise the Golden M for McDonald’s a mile away!


Communication and Book Bags
Our aim is to be paperless; therefore most written communication will be via Showbie or the school email system.  All relevant information regarding Showbie will be shared with parents during the start of the Autumn Term.  Feel free to ask if you require any support with accessing or using Showbie. 


Please could you ensure that your child brings their book bag into school daily so that reading and phonics materials can be changed and added to when required.  


Reading with your child is so important! It would be great if you could aim to share a book with your child as much as possible, maybe even every day, just 5 minutes!  Every little bit of reading together will help your child develop their own independent reading skills - not just word recognition or sound blending techniques, but their comprehension of the text that you are reading together.  Asking questions to check their understanding of the text is really helpful too!


Please note, my door is always open so please feel free to arrange an appointment to come and see me if you wish to discuss anything about your child and their learning. 



Monday, 6th September – Start of the Autumn Term

Monday 25th October - Friday, 29th October - Half Term

Monday 1st November – Return to school

Friday, 17th December - End of Autumn Term


Please note, my door is always open so please feel free to arrange an appointment to come and see me if you wish to discuss anything about your child and their learning. 

Thank you to all parents for your continued support. 

Best wishes,

Miss Self!

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