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Progression in Geography: Locational Knowledge

Geography National Curriculum  


Progression in Locational Knowledge


Subject Key Objective Progression & Development by Year Groups


The following is a guide to help you understand your child’s progression through school.

All lessons are effectively differentiated to ensure that all children can achieve the objective set.  



Locational Knowledge - EYFS


In Nursery, children will:


  • know that there are different countries in the world and talk about the differences they have experienced or seen in photographs;
  • talk about holidays that they have been on;
  • talk about families around the world;

  • talk about similarities and differences.


In Year R, children will:


  • recognise some similarities and differences between life in this country and life in other countries;
  • know about places in the world that contrast with places they know;
  • use relevant vocabulary to describe contrasting locations.

  • know that some children in different countries have similar/different lives to me, e.g. how they travel to school, what they eat, where they live etc.





Locational Knowledge - Year 1


In Year 1, children will:


  • name the four countries that make up the UK and locate them on a map;
  • name the three main seas that surround the UK.






Locational Knowledge - Year 2


In Year 2, children will:


  • name and locate the seven continents of the world;
  • name and locate the five oceans of the world;
  • name some major cities, including the capital cities of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland;
  • locate where they live on a map.




Locational Knowledge - Year 3


In Year 3, children will:


  • name and locate at least eight counties and at least six cities in England;

  • know the difference between the British Isles, Great Britain and the UK;

  • locate and name some of the main islands that surround the UK;

  • name and locate at least eight European countries;

  • name at least four countries from the southern hemisphere and four from the northern hemisphere.






Locational Knowledge - Year 4


In Year 4, children will:


  • know the names of and locate at least eight major capital cities across the world;
  • know where the mountain ranges are in the UK;

  • know, name and locate the main rivers in the UK;

  • know where the equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn and the Greenwich Meridian are on a world map;

  • know what is meant by the term ‘tropics’.



Locational Knowledge - Year 5


In Year 5, children will:


  • know the names of a number of European capitals and know the countries that make up the European Union; 
  • know the names of, and locate, a number of south or north American countries;
  • locate the USA and Canada on a world map and atlas;
  • locate and name the main countries in South America on a world map and atlas.




Locational Knowledge - Year 6


In Year 6, children will:


  • identify and name the tropics of cancer and Capricorn as well as the artic and Antarctic circles;
  • locate the lines of longitude and latitude;
  • know about time zones and work out time differences around the world.