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The Early Years Foundation Stage


Your child’s first experience in school is very important.  Here at Walford, we recognise that settling into school is a big step for your child and we endeavour to make it a happy and enjoyable transition.  Our aim is to make school a happy, stimulating and rewarding environment for your child to discover, learn and play in a wide range of experiences.  It is very important to us that home and school work together in developing an effective partnership. 


The Foundation Stage Curriculum


During the reception year, your child will follow the national Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, working towards the Early Learning Goals.  Throughout the year, your child will be involved in a wide range of activities every day, developing his/her skills in many different areas.


Sometimes, your child will be involved in a task that focuses upon developing a skill in one specific area, such as, practising handwriting.  At other times, he/she will be involved in tasks that encompass a wide range of skills such as, building with large bricks or playing with puppets.  The class teacher, or learning support assistant, will support your child through every step of their learning development.  Your child  will be encouraged to practise his/her skills to a high standard and to celebrate all achievements.


The Reception Year at Walford Primary School 


Between the ages of 3-6, your child learns faster and develops more rapidly than at any other time during his/her life.  We believe that this learning should be a pleasurable and rewarding experience, in which he/she explores, investigates, creates, practices, rehearses, repeats, revises and consolidates his/her developing knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes.

The skills and ideas acquired during your child’s time in Class R provide them with a firm foundation for their future development.


Class R is an exciting place where children learn through:


  • Structured play

  • Talking to others

  • Investigating and discovering

  • Making choices

  • Thinking and reflecting

  • Working in groups and independently


All of these opportunities are designed to develop confident, kind, well-behaved children, who make the most of their school experience and enjoy high levels of success.


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