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History at Home

History at Home


Top Tips to Help your Child Become a Brilliant Historian:


  • Serve up a slice of history by preparing and sampling a traditional war time recipe or re-creating a Roman banquet.


  • Go to the library and choose books about different periods and significant people in history.


  • Interview family members about their school days and the toys they played with, comparing them with your child's experiences today.


  • As a family, play games that children would have played in the past, for example marbles, hop-scotch or Battleships.


  • Research and then use junk modelling to build a famous historical object, building or monument, e.g. a Maya Temple or a Roman Shield.


  • Research and make a timeline of an inspiring person from history.


  • Explore Museum resources online, for example the Natural History Museum.

Useful Websites at Home: