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Walford School Council 2018-19

School Council 2018-19 Head Boy (Thomas) and Head Girl (Molly).

WALFORD MONTHLY - December 2016 Issue 1

We are the School Council representatives for 2016 - 2017.  At the beginning of the school year, School Council representatives are elected by their peers.  Everyone in school had the opportunity to write and then read out their manifestos in class, then each class voted for the best person for the job!


Our School Council representatives are…


Y1          Isla and Harry

Y2          Lily and Joel

Y3          Laura and Sam

Y4          Molly and Angus

Y5          Lucy (Secretary) and Finley (Financial Advisor) 

Y6          Jack (President) and Brodie (Vice President)


We meet at least once a month to discuss how to improve our school and to share ideas and suggestions that we have collected from our class council meetings.


To make sure our meetings run well, we have a President, Vice President, Financial Advisor and Secretary.

We all love being members of the School Council because we want to make our school the best it can be!

Don't forget to use your class School Council suggestion box or speak to your representative to share any good ideas!


What is it like to be members School Council?


This is what our School Council members said…


‘We feel honoured to be elected as School Council representatives! 

We share our thoughts and ideas in Council meetings in order to look at ways to improve our school.  This is our last year at Walford and we aim to make it a successful one!


'Now that we are older, we understand the importance of being a School Council Rep - it's a BIG job! 

In our meetings with Miss George, we put forward ideas and feel really proud to be making such a

difference to Walford Primary School.



'I love being a School Council Rep because I want to help to make our school even better!'


'I am really excited to be on the School Council because this year, we will be building a fantastic

Science Log Cabin!  We will be planning an opening ceremony and there will be lots of people to say 'thank you' to.  When I leave Walford in two years time, I will reflect on many happy moments and be proud of being involved in building the amazing Log Cabin! 



‘We are proud to be School Council Reps because we want to help to make 'Wonderful Walford'

even better than it already is!  



‘School Council Meetings are wonderful!  We talk about how we can improve our school and

we get a chocolate biscuit too!’



‘Being on the School Council is a very important job and I feel proud to be the Class 1 Rep'



'I like keeping the classroom and cloakroom tidy so that nobody trips over classroom toys or our bags! 

This is being responsible and that is why I am a School Council representative.