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Creative Activities

Little Inventors Mini Challenges

Follow the link to find new inventive challenges posted each week!


50 Things to do this Summer 2020

How many of these will you have a go at?



Document attached below


Summer Self-care Challenge

Choose a different activity each day.  How many can you complete before the end of the holiday?



Mindfulness Challenges

Try out some of the attached Mindfulness Challenges.



Weekly Wellbeing Journal Packs

Use these Weekly Wellbeing Journal Packs to help children to focus on the day ahead and to channel their thoughts and feelings in a positive way.

Packs attached below 



British Red Cross Power of Kindness

In recent months, things have felt a little uncertain and even overwhelming. But, during these difficult times, one thing is clear: small acts of kindness make a big difference. Use the attached Power of Kindness Calendar to record your daily acts of kindness.



Ideas and Calendar attached below.



More Non-screen Activities from Pobble



Even More Non-screen Activities from Pobble



Documents attached below


Rewarding Reading – Summer Reading Bingo

See how many activities you can complete…



Document attached below


Remember to do lots of reading too!  READ, READ, READ!  Log-in to MyOn and ReadTheory for lots of reading material.  Audible and Amazon are now offering free books to download too! 


David Walliams is also offering a free audio book each day at 11.00am – follow the link:


Sports Day at Home

Welcome to the first Twinkl Move Sports Day at Home. In these unprecedented and unusual times, they are bringing you a Sports Day with a difference this year. We hope it is an event you can enjoy safely with your family!


Events include:

  • Standing Long Jump
  • Relay Race
  • Timed Object Balancing Race
  • Timed Agility Challenges
  • Egg and Spoon Race


You will find a skill poster attached for each of the above activities, as well as Warm up and Cool down cards, a score sheet ad a template to design your own Sports Day at Home poster.



Master Chef Month

With the help of a grown-up, can you become a master chef in a month? Can you tick off all of the kitchen verbs?



Document attached below


30 Days of Photos

Take the 30-day photo challenge. There is a different theme each day. You can be as creative as you like.



Document attached below


30 Days of Doodles

Take the 30-day doodle challenge. There is a different theme each day. You can be as creative as you like!



Document attached below


Lego Challenge

Which ones will you complete today?



Document attached below


Month of Music

How many of these Music tasks can you complete?



Document attached below


30 Creative Activities

Explore 30 fun, constructive and creative activities that can be tailored for the whole family!



Document attached below


Outdoor Summer Activities

Also attached is a document full of Summer activities to complete outdoors.  Have a look and have a go!



Document attached below


Summer Projects


Pop Up Ice Cream Shop



Create and run your own pop-up ice cream shop. Resources attached below!


Nature Photo Frames



Engage with nature and learn about the environment with these activities. Resources attached below!