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Computing at Walford Nursery & Primary School

At Walford Nursery & Primary School, we are extremely fortunate to have access to a range of innovative technology, including touch screen boards and iPads, which enable us to enhance learing experiences in all subjects across the curriculum in a new and exciting way.


Since embarking on our iPad journey in 2012, we have never looked back!  Our investment in iPads has transformed ICT across the whole school and a variety of apps are used very effectively to engage, motivate and inspire all of our children.  It is clear that the use of iPads in the classroom has offered huge potential to all teachers and learning support staff.  Whether counting, doing addition and subtraction, identifying different shapes, listening to stories, learning to spell and how to write letters, composing music, building your own computer games, creating eBooks and even high quality movies – the possibilities are endless.  The school also hosts a weekly ‘Apple Genius’ after school club, where children have lots of fun 'checking-out' and evaluating new apps whilst refining their ICT skills.

This new technology has also supported and developed leadership skills throughout the school with fourteen Apple Ambassadors leading the way.  Seven children in Year 5 and Year 6 undertake regular training which enables them to share their knowledge and expertise with others throughout the school.  They provide valuable hands-on support for classroom teachers, learning support staff and the children.  


For further information on our Computing Curriculum please visit the curriculum page... 


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