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Empowering English


English is the basic language of communication in this country and its mastery is necessary for educational progress.  Children should develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing to enable them to express themselves creatively and imaginatively, and to communicate with others effectively.  They will learn to become enthusiastic and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama as well as non-fiction and media texts.


At Walford Primary School, we aim:

Speaking and listening

  • to speak clearly, fluently and confidently to a range of audiences;
  • to listen to, understand and respond to other people;
  • to join in group discussions;
  • to participate in a range of drama activities.



  • to read with fluency, accuracy and understanding, using a range of strategies;
  • to read for information and enjoyment;
  • to understand, interpret and appreciate literary and non-fiction texts.



  • to develop writing skills on screen and paper through composing, planning and drafting;
  • to use punctuation correctly;
  • to create and shape sentences and texts;
  • to use a range of spelling strategies;
  • to understand text structure and organization;
  • to write legibly and fluently;
  • to understand and use Standard English;
  • to have an awareness of audience and purpose and adapt writing appropriately



We aim to foster in all of our children a love of books so that they become readers for life.  Children are taught to read by a variety of methods including phonics, learning key words and using meaning.  Their progress is carefully monitored and a wide range of books (fiction and non-fiction) make up our guided and individual reading schemes.  We follow the Read, Write, Inclusive and Literacy and Language programmes which include a rich range of texts.



At Walford Primary School, we follow the Read, Write Inclusive scheme.  The teaching of phonics is organised into groups depending on children’s prior knowledge and progress through Read, Write Inclusive.


Guided reading

At Walford Primary School, we value guided reading as a means of improving reading skills, comprehension skills and group discussion.  All children read as part of a group, usually outside of English lessons.  The questions that adults ask during guided reading cover the range of Assessment Foci (AF) during the course of several sessions.  Children are given the opportunity to discuss these questions as part of the guided reading group.



We are very lucky to have a well-resourced and efficiently run library at Walford Primary School.  The borrowing section of our library is run by Librarians in Year 6.   We also have an extensive reference section which children can use for independent research during or outside lesson time.  Our librarians help children to select books and assist in fostering a love of books across the school.

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