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Cultural Capital in PE

Cultural Capital in PE


At Walford Nursery & Primary School, we promote Cultural Capital in the following ways...




  • Children will learn a variety of skills. They will be able to understand the mutual respect needed to compete in a sporting competition.
  • This will be evident through the way they conduct themselves when they compete. They will be tolerant of the different faiths and beliefs that contribute to team competitions locally, nationally and internationally.
  • The children will understand that they are to be compliant with the rules of a game and that we live in a democratic society where both men and women can play mixed sports.




  • Children may demonstrate knowledge of the history of dance, and its cultural impact on the world.
  • They may be able to reflect on different styles of dance, influenced by different cultures and both national and international histories.
  • Children may demonstrate an awareness of socio-economic influences in different dance histories, such as hip-hop, ballet and folk and begin to compare and contrast the different styles.