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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice - Key Stage 1

What the children said...


“In Science we learn about animals and about our bodies.”


“A Scientist is someone who does tests and discovers new things.” 


“If I am stuck, I can ask an adult or look at the board to help me.”


“We work in groups so my friends can help me.”


“I like looking at books about animals.”


“Pictures help me to learn.”


“I like doing investigations. We made bird feeders to help the animals in the winter.”


“I like learning about animals and we have been learning about senses.”


“I want to be a scientist because I love Science.”

Pupil Voice - Key Stage 2

What the children said...


“Scientist help us because they have invented vaccines.”


“Scientists can also be people who invent things and I like the inventors award.”


“A scientist is someone who learns all about the world; how things are made, how things evolve and how things live.”


“I have enjoyed learning about how fossils are made and learning about the different types of fossils.”


“I have enjoyed taking part in experiments and working with my friends.”


“I like sorting animals into groups. I know some animals are vertebrates.”


“We have been investigating which drinks are good for our body. This has helped me to know what is good for my teeth and my body.”


“When were learning about planets, we made up a rhyme to help us learn.”


“We watch videos and sing songs.”


“I like the online quiz because I can test what I know and if I get one wrong, I can have another go.”


“I really enjoyed the RAF STEM day and when PC Anna came to visit.”


“Science helps me to experiment and find things out about the world.”


“I can talk to my partner in Science lessons and they can help me.”


“I like researching so that I can find out facts about what I am learning.”


“I love science because there is so much to learn, and even when you know so much, there is still more!”


“I would like to use IT in Science more to help me record my ideas.”


“Sometimes Science challenges me, but I think it is good to be challenged to help me learn.”


“I find it hard to remember the scientific words, but my glossary and word bank can help me.”