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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

smiley   Our first topic is 'Marvellous Me!'    smiley
During this topic we will celebrate the similarities and differences between us and our friends.  As part of our history work, we will look at our own personal timeline and in geography we will look at who we live with and where we live. As part of our science work, this topic will include work on investigating our senses and naming parts of human and animal bodies. We will also create our own self portraits in art and design and make photo

frames as part of our Design & Technology work.


Please download and view the topic web at the bottom of the page for more information.

New Routines

Please read the Year 1 Move Up Booklet (attached at the bottom of this page) to familiarise yourself with new routines and procedures. 


As a result of current guidelines regarding the Corona Virus pandemic, parents and carers must utilise the revised school procedures for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up for Year 1.  School staff will assist you by meeting and greeting the children from the family car, outside the main school building.  We politely ask that you are prompt and make every effort to avoid being late.  Please be assured that your child(ren) will be safely guided to the Year 1 classroom.  


If your child(ren) are going to be collected by someone other than a parent or carer, please inform the class teacher or the school office beforehand.  


Please note, for your convenience, siblings may be dropped off together.




Drop ‘n’ Go

Pick Up ‘n’ Go

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Access the following link to watch a video showing you our new procedures in school:


Showbie is a program which allows children to upload, save and share their work in class and at home whilst also receiving interactive feedback from their teacher.  Everyone will be given a Showbie username and password and it is available on iPads, tablets and computers.  We will be using this regularly within lessons and for homework each week.


Showbie has proven to be a valuable communication tool during the enforced school closure in order for children, parents/carers and teachers to keep in touch.  The Showbie App includes a range of features which have been utilisied by all:

  • Messaging communication
  • Sharing / Uploading work
  • Instant feedback
  • Voice Notes
  • Video Uploads
  • Class Discussions (Key Stage 2)


From September, Walford will continue to use Showbie as a clear channel of communication between home and school.


I will continue to set and mark homework via the Showbie App on a weekly basis.  Extra (optional) learning activities will be provided where appropriate in order to consolidate learning in school.  Showbie will be used as the new home-school link for reading.  Every child will have a reading folder in their assignments where all reading and comments can be recorded on a nightly basis.


There will also be a general communication folder where any important messages can be shared with class teachers.  Class teachers will endeavour to respond to these messages as soon as possible.  It is important to remember that children will also be able to see this, so anything of a sensitive nature should be dealt with via telephone or email.


As a result of these changes, your child will no longer bring home a Communication Green Book (KS1).  


Showbie will be used for you to record any learning that you complete at home, including:

  • reading
  • spelling practise
  • Education City
  • Oxford Owl eBooks / MyOn

I will check Showbie every day to see what you have been doing.  Our aim is to be paperless, therefore most written communication will be via Showbie or the school email system.  

Reading books:
Reading books will be changed weekly. Please could you aim to read with your child every day, even for just 5 to 10 minutes! Every little bit of reading practise will help your child develop their reading skills- not just word recognition or sound blending techniques, but their comprehension of the text they are reading. The children will be given a level for their comprehension skills so, as well as hearing them read every day, asking questions to check their understanding of the text is really helpful too! The children will be heard read weekly in their guided reading groups with Miss Weyman or their RWI group leader, as well as individually. Some information about early-reading is available at the bottom of the page.

RWI / Grammar Hammer / Big Write:
In Year 1, RWI phonics sessions will run alongside English lessons where children will be taught about different text types and genres as well as spelling and grammar rules. Some PowerPoints of all the ‘Green and Red Words’ are contained at the bottom of the page to help your child build their confidence in essential High Frequency Words should you wish to do a little extra practice. 

The English focus for the  Spring term is fantasy stories (fiction), instructions and recounts (non-fiction) and patterned poems (poetry). 


Marvellous Maths:
In Maths we will begin by looking at number bonds to 10 and the symbols + - and =.  The children will be introduced to the part, part whole model and bar model. We will be working on our rapid recall of number facts and consolidating our number formation. 


Sensational Science:
In the Spring term, we will cover the topics 'humans and other animals' and cbegin to identify 'seasonal changes' - focusing on Autumn and Winter.

Pacey PE:
Please make sure you have your PE kit in school for the whole week. It is recommended that you have your indoor and outdoor kit, including joggers and a jumper so we can go outside as much as possible.

Helpful Homework:
Homework will be set each week. This will be set via Showbie on Thursday every week and should be completed by following Monday morning.  Paper copies will be provided where necessary and a pack containing useful resources such as a sound chart, number line and word mats with be given to your child at the start of the year for use at home. Also, please remember that for anyone wishing to do a little extra homework, Education City is accessible via the Internet.

Follow this link to find out about using Education City on your iPad.

The children also have list of spellings appropriate to the level they are working which they can work on at home as well as in school. As part of their writing assessment, children will be tested on their spelling of the Year 1 common words. The ‘word of the week’ will be on the bottom of each homework page.

For photographs of class and school activities, please click on 'CHILDREN' and then 'GALLERY'. There are also lots of videos on Walford TV.  Also, remember to keep checking Twitter: @WalfordSchool for regular updates too.

Please feel free to come and see me about anything you may need help with. I am happy to meet with you and discuss any comments, questions or concerns you may have about our topic, the work covered in class or your child's progress. Please let the office know if you are not receiving updates from the website and would like them. Email updates and newsletters will remind you of useful information and future events such as class assemblies, trips and parents’ evenings etc. if you provide your email address.

Best wishes,
Miss Weyman





Thursday, 3rd September 2020:  Back to school


Thursday, 3rd September and Friday, 4th September:  'Meet the Teacher' at 3.15pm on the school field


Monday, 26th – Friday, 30th October 2020: Half Term


Monday, 2nd November 2020:  Back to school


Friday, 18th December 2020: Last day of Autumn Term


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Connected Computing - Safer Internet Day

Rewarding Reading

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