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Our Curriculum Intent


At Walford Nursery & Primary School, we believe learning should be exciting - our ultimate aim is to provide a highly enjoyable, creative curriculum which not only incorporates the National Curriculum but the needs, thoughts and ideas of every learner in our school.  Our creative curriculum ensures that all pupils are motivated, engaged and enthused about every learning experience, inspiring them to become lifelong learners.  We place a high emphasis on basic skills and our children achieve well.  We aim to produce well-rounded children who can play a positive part as tomorrow's citizens.  We actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for others, such as those with different faiths and beliefs.


In Early Years, we follow the EYFS curriculum and from Key Stage 1, we follow the national curriculum and teach the ‘core’ subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education (P.E.) and Computing.  Our ‘foundation’ subjects are: Art, Design Technology, Geography, History, Music, Modern Foreign Language (MFL), Religious Education, Personal Social Health and Education (PSHE).  


In each curriculum area there is an emphasis placed on skills and, across all curriculum areas, our ‘learning behaviours’ encourage children to: Work Hard, Achieve & Improve, Learn from Others, be Focussed, be Open-Minded, be Resilient and to Dream (aspirations).  


In addition, we want our children to achieve well in life and be happy and successful in all that they do. Therefore, we promote a ‘growth mindset’ which reflects the way we think, learn and take on challenges.  A person with a growth mindset:

  • is open to and accepts constructive feedback, using it productively;
  • is willing to take on new challenges;
  • is willing to push themselves outside of their comfort zone;
  • demonstrates resilience and perseverance.  


Our whole school behaviour system reflects the school's ethos and encourages us all to go 'above and beyond' in all that we do!  Values and Learning Behaviours are integral to our curriculum and shape the kind of people our children will become, enabling them to make the best of their learning in the future.  Our school values underpin all learning at school as they form our attitudes towards learning and each other.


In addition to the well planned and comprehensive curriculum delivered by our teaching staff, our TAs and specialist teachers deliver the following learning experiences: Forest School, specialist sports coaching (Yoga, Golf  Tennis), STEM opportunities, aspirational speakers, music lessons and gardening.  Children have swimming lessons in Year 4.  Children in Year 2 – Year 6 attend the Five Acres Gymnasium annually.  Children in Year 3 and Year 4 have the opportunity to participate in an overnight Tipi Adventure and children in Year 5 and Year 6 enjoy a four-night residential in London and they also attend an outdoor residential in West Wales. 


Walford Nursery & Primary School is committed to meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum in England.