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Although we don’t often talk about it, experimenting with drugs and alcohol can happen at any time, and sometimes there’s pressure from people around you - even your friends- to try things you might not want to. It might not be clear what to do, or who can help. So here at Walford Nursery & Primary School we’re working closely with some amazing, friendly people who can provide good information about drugs and alcohol so that you are made fully aware of the dangers that come with them. 


We’ve teamed up with UK Addiction Treatment Centres (UKAT).  These guys are the experts and they’re here to help; they’ll be with us for the day to interact with you and chat with you about everything to do with drugs, alcohol and your overall mental health. 


They’ve even written for us a really interesting guide which you can read through at any time you like; you can even share it with your parents and talk to them about what you’ve learned. Check out the UKAT student guide to drugs and alcohol for more information.