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Yoga at Walford

Yoga Sessions Are A Big Hit!

Pupils at Walford Nursery & Primary School are passionate about yoga.  Through Sports Premium funding, the school are able to employ an experienced yoga teacher, Tracy Derrett, to compliment the wide range of sporting opportunities on offer.


Being taught breathing exercises, different games and techniques, alongside yoga poses has had a very positive affect on the children’s general health and well-being.  The children see the benefits too – “Yoga is the most relaxing thing I have ever done!” said a pupil in Year 6 whilst another pupil stated, “It creates a strong bond between my friends and I and it helps to get the knots out.  It’s great fun!”


Headteacher, Louise George, said, “Yoga is clearly beneficial for the body and for good mental health.  Not only is it enhancing the children’s physical strength, flexibility, co-ordination and body awareness, but it is improving their concentration and sense of calmness as they learn a variety of relaxing techniques.”


Here's what Year 6 think...


Our yoga teacher is very friendly and helps us a lot.

It is peaceful.

It creates a strong bond between my friends and me. 

We never get bored.

You always feel sleepy.

I feel that it helps my imagination. 

Some of the poses are challenging.

It's challenging but fun.

It helps to get the knots out and it's fun. 

It is my favourite lesson of the week. 

It makes me calm and relaxed.

It is the most relaxing thing I've ever done.

Yoga relaxes my mind.

It's exciting because we do something different every week. 

It's silent and peaceful.

We never give up, even when we succeed.

Last week, we used team work.

I feel like I'm in my own little world.