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Welcome to Class 3!

Class 3


Welcome to Spring Term in Year 3! 

We have another very busy but exciting term ahead of us! This term we will be moving through our study of prehistory, exploring the events of The Iron age and The Celts. Read on to find out just some of the wonderful things that we will be incorporating within our learning during the Spring term. 


Please download and view the topic web at the bottom of the page for more information.


Empowering English

In English, we will be looking at:

  • Non-Fiction: Information, explanation and instruction texts.
  • Fiction: Story with a familiar setting and a playscript. 
  • Using a range of prepositions and pronouns. 
  • Identifying the subject and the predicate of a sentence.
  • Using and identifying the irregular past tense.
  • Using apostrophes for contraction. 
  • Up levelling our sentences using synonyms, conjunctions, adverbs and adverbials. 


We will also continue to practice our grammar, spelling and handwriting as well as focusing on improving our reading Comprehension focus. 


Marvellous Maths

In Maths, we will be looking at:

  • Multiplication and division: Recalling 3, 4 and 8 times table facts. Written methods of multiplication and division – multiplying two digits by one digit. Solving problems, including missing number problems using multiplication and division.
  • Measurement (money/ length): Measuring the perimeter of simple 2-D shapes. Adding and subtracting amounts of money to give change, using both £ and p in practical contexts.
  • Statistics: Solving problems by interpreting date. Presenting our own data using bar charts, pictograms and tables.


Sensational Science

In Science, we will be learning about 'Plants', which includes:

  • Functions of the parts of a plant, requirements of a plant for life and growth.
  • The investigation into how water is transported through plants. 
  • Understanding the part the flower plays in the in the life cycle of a plant (pollination and seed formation).


We will also be learning about 'Animals Including Humans', which involves learning about:

  • Muscles and skeletons, types of skeleton, naming bones, functions of a skeleton and muscles.
  • The different types of nutrition and the amount of each nutrition that our bodies need. 


We will be working scientifically to identify the effects that exercise can have on our bodies as well as carrying out practical investigations to understand what a plant needs to grown and be healthy.


Hair-Raising History

As historians, we will learn:

  • To understand and chronological order the events of the Iron Age from 750BC to 50AD.
  • To understand how Iron was discovered by accident in Western Africa and Southwestern Asia.
  • To explore the influences that this period of history had on our lives today and why the discovery of Iron was so important.
  • To identify who The Celts were and what they did in prehistory times. 
  • Explore Iron Age and The Celts houses, food, tools and clothing. Comparing them to our own. 


Globe-Trotting Geography

In Geography, we will learn about early settlement. This will include:

  • Understanding the concept of what a settlement is and why people chose to live in certain places.
  • Considering the natural factors influencing settlement sites and how the different settlements can be linked.
  • Understanding what an early settler is and why the Celts decided to settle. 



Pacey PE

Year 3 will continue to have PE on a Friday with SuperStars. There will be plenty of opportunities for different sports during the Spring Term, so PE kits should be brought to school on a Monday and remain here until Friday each week.


Helpful Homework 

Homework is set on a Thursday and should be returned every Monday.  Homework may be a consolidation of tricky topics covered in class throughout the week, a research task to prepare for new concepts or a personalised activity to help your child in achieving their targets. Please encourage your child to attempt their homework and please feel free to add a note if your child found the task difficult (and required your support) or if you noticed they were particularly confident with the topic. 


Talk Homework will help you to prepare for your Big Write each week. Please spend 5-10 minutes chatting with a family member at home in order to feel more confident about your written task the following day.


Remember that you can always upload your homework to Showbie. Your child's login details for this can be found inside the cover of their blue homework diary.  


Blue homework diaries should be brought in to school every day and placed in the black labeled box. When your child reads aloud at home, please add a brief note (in the small blue book) detailing the date and the page they have reached.


Dojo's will be awarded to children for completing all homework tasks and reading each evening at home.

Extra Dojos will also be awarded for times tables, spellings and handwriting practice. Please find your child's personal login details for Times Table Rock Stars, Educational City and Reading Theory inside the cover of their blue homework diary.


Other information

Remember to keep checking Twitter @WalfordPrimary for regular updates about what Class 3 have been up to.



Tuesday, 7th January 2020: First day of Spring Term

Tuesday, 11th February 2020: E-Safety Learning Walk: Safer Internet day ~ 9am

Thursday, 13th February 2020: Learning Walk: Creative Reading and Writing using iPads~ 9am 

Thursday, 13th February 2020: KS2 Disco ~ 6:15 - 7pm

Monday, 17th February 2020 – Monday, 24th February 2020: HALF TERM

Friday, 13th March 2020: Sport Relief: Where what you like

Thursday, 26th March 2020: Learning Walk: Science in Action ~ 1pm

Thursday, 2nd April 2020: KS2 Oscars Red Carpet Evening ~ 5:30 - 7pm

Friday, 3rd April 2020:  LAST DAY OF TERM


​​​Please note, my door is always open so please feel free to come and see me if you wish to discuss anything about your child and their learning.
Thank you to all parents for your continued support. 

Miss Self!

Sensational Science - Stardome Planetarium Visit

Rewarding Reading - A visit from the Children's Bookshelf

Empowering English - Identifying the features of an information text

Sensational Science - Dissecting a flower

Globe-Trotting Geography - Somewhere to settle

Motivating Music - Ukulele's

Enriching Experiences - Christmas Celebrations

Piecing Together PSHE - Mock Election

Enriching Experiences - Zoolab Visit

Dynamic D&T - Making chocolate apples

Pacey PE - Gymnastics

Connected Computing - Creating book reviews using HP Reveal

Enriching Experiences - Children in Need

Awesome Art - Cave Painting

Connected Computing - Scratch Coding

Rewarding Reading - Creating a Story Web

Marvellous Maths - Adding number to 1000

Sensational Science - Testing for rock permeability

Empowering English

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