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Year 3

Welcome to Class 3!


Welcome to Year 3! Below is a little bit about the things that we are going to learn.


Empowering English

In English this term, we will be continuing to use The Write Stuff approach developed by Jane Considine to improve our writing. This term we will explore a range of quality texts - both fiction and non-fiction! Our first fiction unit is based on the narrative 'Star in the Jar' by Sam Hay. After we have completed our work on this book, we will look at a non-fiction text in the form of an information text. We will read 'How a Robot Dog Works’, before writing our own information text. We will then explore myths and legends through the myth: Theseus and the Minotaur. 


Throughout the term, we will continue with our weekly ‘Big Write’ to practise the skills we have learnt. We will also be focusing on reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar. 


Our English Targets will be:

  • I can choose words because of the effect they will have on the reader. 
  • I can use headings and subheadings to aid presentation. 
  • I can write adverbial phrases followed by a comma.  
  • I can write commands using imperative verbs. 
  • I can use diagonal and horizontal strokes to join letters that are adjacent.



Marvellous Maths

In Maths, we will focus on fractions. When learning about this, we will compare and order unit fractions and recognise and use non-unit fractions with small denominators. We will learn to solve problems that involve fractions and be able to count up and down in tenths. After this we will then focus on parallel and perpendicular sides in polygons and time. 


Our Maths Targets will be:



  • I can count up and down in tenths; recognise that tenths arise from dividing an object into 10 equal parts and in dividing one-digit numbers or quantities by 10

  • I can recognise, find and write fractions of a discrete set of objects: unit fractions and non-unit fractions with small denominators

  • I can recognise and use fractions as numbers: unit fractions and non-unit fractions with small denominators

  • I can recognise and show, using diagrams, equivalent fractions with small denominators

  • I can add and subtract fractions with the same denominator within one whole [for example,  +  =  ]

  • I can compare and order unit fractions, and fractions with the same denominators

  • I can estimate and read time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute; record and compare time in terms of seconds, minutes and hours; use vocabulary such as o’clock, am/pm, morning, afternoon, noon and midnight

  • I know the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in each month, year and leap year

  • I can compare durations of events [for example, to calculate the time taken by particular events or tasks]



Sensational Science 

In Science, we will learn about Plants, we will learn to identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants and what a plant requires in order to live and grow. We will explore the different stages of the life cycle of flowering plants. We will then explore Animals, including Humans. We will pay particular attention to learning about the skeletons and muscles, nutrition ,exercise and health. We will learn about what humans and animals need to stay healthy, and gain an understanding of the food groups and the nutrients humans need for a healthy diet and why we need them



Hair-Raising History


We will study the Stone Age to Bronze Age. Firstly, we will investigate the timeline and key events during this period. We will learn about late Neolithic hunter-gatherers and early farmers, for example, Skara Brae. We will also explore Bronze Age religion, technology and travel, for example, Stonehenge, and compare these aspects to different periods in time. After half term, we will explore the Iron Age period of history. This will include learning all about key events and significant figures of this era, before focusing on Iron Age hill forts: tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture. Our next topic will be all about Ancient Greece! 


Globe-Trotting Geography

In Geography, our first area of focus is on 'Extreme Earth'. We will learn all about volcanoes, earthquakes and the climate; this will include how they are formed, how they can be maintained/responded to and the effects they may have on society. We will use maps, atlases and globes to locate where major volcanoes are located around the world. After half term, we will then focus on developing our Locational Knowledge. We will enhance our understanding of counties and cities in England and will be able to name and locate at least eight counties and at least six cities in England. After this, we will compare the UK to a Mediterranean country (Greece) and learn to compare and contrast the two areas using maps, atlases and other research methods. 


Pacey PE

There will be plenty of opportunities for sport during the week. Year 3 will have P.E on Tuesday and we ask that children wear their P.E kit to school for the day (white P.E t-shirt, black or navy shorts / jogging bottoms, trainers and their school jumper).  PE will be outside where possible, so please wear warm clothes. 



Showbie is a program which allows children to upload and share their work.  Everyone will be given a Showbie username and password and it is available on iPads, tablets and computers.  We will be using this regularly within lessons and for homework each week.


Showbie has proven to be a valuable communication tool during the enforced school closure in order for children, parents/carers and teachers to keep in touch.  The Showbie App includes a range of features which have been utilised by all:

  • Messaging communication
  • Sharing / Uploading work
  • Instant feedback
  • Voice Notes
  • Video Uploads


I will continue to set and mark homework via the Showbie App on a weekly basis.  Extra (optional) learning activities will be provided where appropriate in order to consolidate learning in school.  Showbie will be used as the new home-school link for reading.  Every child will have a reading folder in their assignments where all reading and comments can be recorded on a nightly basis.


There will also be a general communication folder where any important messages can be shared with class teachers.  Class teachers will endeavour to respond to these messages as soon as possible.  It is important to remember that children will also be able to see this, so anything of a sensitive nature should be dealt with via telephone or email.


Showbie will be used for you to record any learning that you complete at home, including:

  • reading
  • MyOn
  • Spelling Shed 
  • Times Tables Rock Stars 
  • Sumdog


I will check Showbie every day to see what you have been doing.  Our aim is to be paperless, therefore most written communication will be via Showbie or the school email system.  


Helpful Homework

Homework is set on a Thursday and should be submitted by Monday.  Homework will be linked to the work that we are covering in class.  Remember homework will be set and uploaded to Showbie.  Paper copies can also be provided if required.  


Showbie will be used for you to record any learning that you complete at home, including:

  • reading
  • MyOn
  • Spelling Shed 
  • Times Tables Rock Stars 
  • Sumdog




Monday 25th April 2022: Back to school


Monday 30th May – Friday, 3rd June 2022: Half Term


Monday 6th June 2022: Back to school


Wednesday 20th July 2022: Last day of the Summer Term


For photographs of class and school activities, please see below or click on ‘CHILDREN’ and then ‘GALLERY’ or 'WALFORD TV'.  Also, remember to keep checking Twitter: @WalfordSchool for regular updates too.


All letters and class reminders will be sent via emails.  Please ensure that the school office have your preferred email address.  Let us know if you think you are not receiving any updates.


My door is always open and I am happy to chat with parents about our topics and any work that we are covering in class. Please don’t hesitate to come and find me if you wish to discuss anything!


Many thanks,


Mrs Morgan

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